Al-Andalusia family

One person cannot do everything. In the same way that the Prophet Muhammad, s, needed his companions to carry out his mission, we need people who believe in our work and goals and accompany us in this mission, sharing the reward and hoping to receive the Allah’s pleasure.

By being part of the Al-Andalusia Family you will be receiving the reward of reviving the Din and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, s, in the lives of thousands of people. You will be participating in the training of teachers, imams and ulama who will educate and inspire our communities. You will be participating in the projects that we carry out to empower our community, promoting higher education, resolving doubts and strengthening the iman of our youth and community in general.

Help us with a monthly donation and be part of the Al-Andalusia Family.

To encourage you to become part of our family, we present the gifts and privileges we have for you. Everyone who is part of our family will have exclusive access to:

  • Reports of our progress
  • Virtual meetings with teachers
  • Preference in face-to-face meetings and retreats
  • Raffles
  • Discounts on our courses and items
  • Decorative designs (pdf)
  • Exclusive news
  • Telegram channel of the Al-Andalusia Family
  • Exclusive email to contact us

In addition, depending on your monthly contribution, you will have:​

From €10

After the first six months, you will receive a card and a shirt from the Al-Andalusia Family.

From €15

Access to exclusive classes with our teachers

From €25

Access to exclusive trips with our teachers

From €50

Access to an exclusive umrah and Ramadan gift

From €75

Access to an exclusive dinner with the teachers and a Ramadan gift