This fund directly supports our academic and dawah goals, projects and programs. It is the fund that benefits us the most, since this way we can use your donations where it is most needed. From this fund we support all our funds and campaigns.

Waqf Fund:

This fund is restricted to projects related to the expansion, renovation and maintenance of facilities. With the donations allocated to this fund we are currently building the Al-Andalusia Institute, the first institution in Spain that trains teachers, imams, murshidas and ulamas, in Spanish and Arabic.

Scholarship Fund:

This fund serves as the foundation for our merit aid program; Academically eligible students may apply each academic year for partial or full scholarships, which will be awarded based on student engagement and grades.

Currently, a studying year costs €490 for a student at the Institute. Our scholarships are especially intended for students and people living in Latin America. The cost for a year at the Academy is 290€, which is given to those families who can’t afford paying fees for their children.

Zakat Fund:

This fund serves as the foundation of our financial aid program and is used to cover the full cost of a zakat-eligible student’s education.

By being part of the Al-Andalusia Family you will be receiving the reward of reviving the Din and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, s, in the lives of thousands of people. You will be participating in the training of teachers, imams and ulama who will educate and inspire our communities. You will be participating in the projects that we carry out to empower our community, promoting higher education, resolving doubts and strengthening the magnet of our youth and community in general.