10 reasons to donate

Al-Andalusia is a necessity for our community

Al-Andalusia trains teachers, imams, organizations and community leaders to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to educate, inspire, dismantle doubts and strengthen the magnet of our community.

Al-Andalusia offers a platform for qualified and diverse voices

We pride ourselves on building a diverse team on all fronts, which allows for a constant and enriching dialogue that allows us to offer high-quality training.

Al-Andalusia transmits knowledge to all places

Our educational platform allows students and users to access our content with just one touch, anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Our goal is to make it easy for our students to learn and to remove all possible obstacles.

Al-Andalusia vindicates the narrative about Islam and Muslims

We believe that the only way to counter the negative narrative that has been imposed on our community is by making our voices heard in our societies. For this, it is essential to invest and contribute to educate our community.

Al-Andalusia encourages higher education

From Al-Andalusia we work to promote higher education in our community, with the aim of empowering our young people and with the hope that they become exemplary individuals in our society in all areas.

Al-Andalusia strives to make the world a better place

Previous Muslims were at the forefront of medicine, philosophy, architecture, art... By training and educating today's Muslims, we ensure that, inspired by their faith, they contribute positively to humanity.

Al-Andalusia addresses relevant issues for Muslims today

Muslims grapple with complex issues such as abortion, women's rights, jihad, sharia, secularism, Islamophobia, and much more. From Al-Andalusia we try to address these issues to empower our communities.

Al-Andalusia believes in creating high quality content accessible to all

We want to elevate the discourse of the Muslim community, making academic-grade research material available to everyone.

Al-Andalusia is international

We not only work in the Muslim community of Spain. Alhamdulillah, our students are from 17 different countries, which means that in a few years we will have teachers trained in all Spanish-speaking countries, insha Allah. With your support we will be able to continue training, educating and inspiring in the most remote places.

Al-Andalusia is changing the lives of many people

“For this reason, I was able to find in the space of Al.Andalusia, a means through which I could take tools from knowledge for learning about oneself through the din of Islam; our unknown way of life. It is one more means, which Allah has arranged for me, inspiring fresh and renewed air from self-knowledge and the rectification of what was learned in an erroneous way from the cultural and human egocentrism. One more way to get to know our Creator from the ‘ilm, with Spanish-speaking people of knowledge and with great things to contribute.” Testimony of one of our students.

By being part of the Al-Andalusia Family you will be receiving the reward of reviving the Din and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, s, in the lives of thousands of people. You will be participating in the training of teachers, imams and ulama who will educate and inspire our communities. You will be participating in the projects that we carry out to empower our community, promoting higher education, resolving doubts and strengthening the magnet of our youth and community in general.

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